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Summer is here to stay, and now is a great time to start thinking about your landscape, specifically your trees! Pruning trees help keep them healthy while also preserving their aesthetic appeal. In West Chester, AC Tree Experts can help you with various tree services. We’ve helped the area for over ten years and are happy to take on any important tasks like this in the summer months. Read on to learn more about why pruning is essential to your lawn and how a tree services company like AC Tree Experts can help!

Understanding the Benefits of Tree Pruning in West Chester

A pruning tree service is a common thing to hire a tree company for, and it’s also super beneficial for your home’s lawn care. A local arborist will prune trees to help maintain the tree’s overall health and structural integrity. It can also improve its shape and appearance. Workers at AC Tree Service usually take shears or professional-grade scissors and trim or shape the leaves, branches, and more so that dead wood or weak branches don’t potentially fall off and hurt someone.

Also, this type of tree service can help it continue to grow by resulting in stronger and healthier trees. Pruning them can even help with air circulation and sunlight prevention. This happens by removing the diseased branches that are blocking the sunlight and air from reaching the healthy areas of the tree.

When is the Best Time to Prune Trees in West Chester?

The best months for pruning usually occur in early spring or late winter, but summer is always an option! AC Tree Experts tend to prune them right when they begin to bud so that the tree can heal quickly and without any further damage. The timing is important because it’s good not to give a tree excessive pruning so that it remains in good tree health. You also may consider how severe the weather is. It may not be the best time for tree care if it’s snowing and freezing.

Preparing for Tree Service in West Chester

Tree companies in or around West Chester always assess your area of the landscape before doing any sort of tree service. This makes sure that everything looks good and healthy and to figure out where to start. Sometimes, a local arborist will recommend deeper inspecting a tree in your yard for any signs of fungi or tree diseases.

If there is something, they can give you a quick assessment and talk about how to handle it. Otherwise, if the tree is healthy, it will start trimming and pruning away dead leaves or dead branches. Also, they will get rid of any limbs that are interfering with the overall body or structure of the tree

What are some Common Techniques Used for Tree Trimming and Pruning in West Chester?

Pruning trees actually takes a lot more skills than one might think. AC Tree Experts use techniques like thinning, lifting, crown reduction, corrective pruning, spring growth, getting rid of lower branches or lateral branches, and deadwood removal to help improve the look of your trees or shrubs. They also use tools like lopping shears, saws, and pole pruners to achieve the desired look. Overall, don’t fret! AC Tree Experts has done this type of tree service and shrub care a thousand times before and can rest assured that the job will be done most safely and professionally.

Ensuring Proper Care for Trees to Prevent Tree Diseases

After pruning services, you’ll need to make sure you remember how to care for your plants post-pruning. AC Tree Experts or other tree companies in West Chester will asses and give you recommendations on things like fertilization and irrigation methods. Each tree requires a different type of care, but it’s important to ensure everything is promptly taken care of.
They can also help you treat or prepare your young trees from pests or tree diseases so that they don’t come back in the future. This type of service is a form of maintenance that larger limbs or even shrubs may need in residential areas throughout West Chester.

Other Reasons for Pruning Tree Branches in West Chester

Obviously, most pruning and tree care services are to better the tree’s health, structure, and shape, but it can also be done for utility purposes. Pruning may be required if your trees seem to be too close to power lines or buildings. If a tree is too close, it can cause power outages in residential areas and other safety risks. So, make sure to consult with professionals on what you should do about the location of your greenery and how to determine the best course of action.

Difference Between Pruning and Trimming Trees

So most people think pruning trees is a fancier word for trimming trees, but that’s not always true. Pruning is usually done to improve the tree’s height, health, and natural form, while a trimming service focuses more on looks. You wouldn’t ask a tree expert to prune if you just want them to look nice. Workers pruning typically work on the inside of a tree, while trimmers are more focused on the outside shape or edges for better tree care


Pruning trees is essential for overall tree growth on your lawn. If you’re located in West Chester, AC Tree Experts are the team you can rely on to help you with quality tree services like pruning, tree planting, trimming, stump or tree removal, shrub care, and more! Hopefully, after reading this, you better understand\ the best time to prune, why it’s so beneficial, and what all goes into it. AC Tree Experts are here to ensure you’re getting great care out of their tree services for your lawn and are educated on the process.

Contact them today for more information on how they can give the best tree care and lawn care in West Chester! You won’t be disappointed in the services they offer.

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