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Tree Removal Services in Chester County: Malvern & West Chester

The majestic natural landscape of this county provides an abundance of greeneries all over West Chester, PA, and Malvern, PA; hence, strict environmental protocols are in place, including highly specific tree removal laws in both areas.

To help property owners such as yourself, we at AC Tree Experts Inc. are happy to offer our professional tree service to you. You can now oversee the tasks safely from a distance!

If your estate is within our location, contact us now to get a quote on our tree removal services.

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West Chester Tree Removal Service Company

Locally owned tree service company for tree removal West Chester PA

Our tree service includes:

  1. Trimming
  2. Tree pruning
  3. Tree removal
  4. Stump grinding
As much as we all love the trees in our area, there are circumstances where tree removals are simply unavoidable. As a landowner in West Chester, PA, you should know the tree removal guidelines in your area.

Guidelines implemented by the Borough of West Chester, PA:

  1. If you own land next to a public space, you remove trees on your land within that space. The good news is the Borough takes care of planting, tree relocation, trimming or pruning, and treating all the other trees around as an overall tree service to the community.
  2. Hazardous street trees, as determined by the West Chester Tree Commission, may be condemned and ordered for removal. Landowners must restore the area and repair any damage caused during removal within 30 days of receiving an order unless an appeal is filed.
  3. Appeals against orders must be filed within 30 days and include reasons why the tree is not hazardous. The West Chester Tree Commission decides, and the landowner can appeal to the Court of Common Pleas if dissatisfied.
  4. Noncompliance with removal orders may result in the Borough of West Chester carrying out at the owner’s expense, with the landowner required to pay within 30 days of an invoice.
  5. The Borough will reimburse 50% of the cost to landowners who comply with the order, provided they meet permitting and contractor requirements.
  6. The West Chester Tree Commission may designate some public tree species as hazardous, and the Borough can then take appropriate action.
  7. The Borough of West Chester is generally responsible for planting, transplanting, cutting, tree pruning service, and treating street and public trees, except those subject to an order or planting requirement.
  8. Landowners must obtain permits before performing any work on street trees, including planting, transplanting, cutting, pruning, or treatment, unless the tree has been condemned by the West Chester Tree Commission.

If you have a tree that is feeling a bit under the weather or just needs a change of scenery, our West Chester, PA, tree service is here to bring some arbor magic! Whether your tree needs a health check or a stylish exit, we have you covered. 

Tree Removal Service in Malvern, PA

As a landowner, you should familiarize yourself with the legal protocols of your area. Here are the rules for removing and replacing trees by the Borough of Malvern that you should know.

Borough of Malvern – Shade Tree Commission Protocols

  1. Without permission from the Malvern Borough Council, no one can remove, cut, break, or injure any shade tree. 
  2. Violators must replace a removed tree within two planting cycles at their expense, using a suitable tree species. If a Borough-purchased tree is damaged, violators face a fine and must provide a cash escrow for the survival of a replacement tree.
  3. The Tree Commission has the authority to enter private property for tree inspection and advise owners on necessary actions. However, the responsibility for enforcing such actions or payment lies with the Borough Council and Borough Manager.
Tree pruning and tree removal Malvern, PA, tree services professionals in PA<br />

4.Various scenarios dictate the replacement of trees, with costs borne by either the Borough or the landowner. Failure to comply may result in municipal liens. The Tree Commission may require landowners to cut or remove trees posing a threat to public health, safety, or welfare. Non-compliance may lead to the Borough undertaking the work, with costs levied on the owner as a lien.

Make your life a bit easier by hiring our Malvern tree removal services for your property in Malvern, PA. It is our professional job to deliver a Malvern homeowner’s total satisfaction in just a few days of work.

What to prepare before your tree service appointment in West Chester or Malvern

Even though we have experts who will handle most of the heavy tree work, you still have to get ready, as it is a part of your role to make sure the area is clean and safe before the tree service crew starts the project.
Tree pruning and tree removal Malvern, PA, tree services professionals in PA, tree services in malvern pa

Knowing that big machines are the tree removal equipment to be used, it is highly important to get your front yard ready early on. This is not just for the safety of the people doing the job but also to keep you and your place safe and make the whole process go smoothly. 

  1. Make sure your driveway is clear of any cars. The trucks and machines need to move around easily without the risk of damaging your vehicles.

2. With a risky tree service like tree trimming and tree pruning where the branches can fall, especially with large trees. It is a good idea to remove anything breakable from your yard or lawn. Taking a bit of time to clear away potential problems helps make sure everything goes smoothly and can help to prevent another cost down the line.

3. Let your neighbors know about your plans. Inform them in advance, especially if your large tree extends onto their place, if there is a risk of damage to their belongings if the crew needs access to their house or yard, or if trucks and equipment might occupy their usual parking spaces.

Giving advance notice helps maintain cooperation and ensures a smooth tree service process, this is especially in busy neighborhoods with limited parking or in quiet suburban areas. A same-day notice is inadvisable.

Our Tree Services in West Chester and Malvern, PA

We are advocates of plant health care; from garden beds to scaling trees, we always do an excellent job of providing the best service and leaving our customers extremely impressed. Our professional team of the best tree arborists mastered the art of saying farewell to trees, whether it is a giant oak or a tricky little shrub.
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Professional arborists working hard and leaving no job unfinished. Our company can work on the front lawn or any other type of landscape for customers in pa.

Our team works in a professional manner, providing excellent customer service, and customer satisfaction is at the top of our list. Building lasting relationships with our clients motivates us to do great work and produce outstanding results in all of our services.

From the initial assessment to the final stump grinding in our location, our professionals at AC Tree Experts Inc. ensure that your journey is stress-free and successful. You might never find a better arborist at all!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I hire a professional for a tree removal project?
AC Tree Experts Inc. ensures the safe and efficient removal of trees, which minimizes the risk of damage and personal injury. Our trained arborists use the proper heavy equipment and techniques to handle trees of all sizes and conditions.
Which kinds of equipment do you utilize for a tree removal project?
We utilize top-grade heavy equipment, including cranes, chainsaws, and chippers, to safely and efficiently remove trees.
How can I determine if a tree requires removal?
Observe and look for the signs. This typically shows in the form of extensive decay, significant leaning, overhanging branches, and visible root damage may indicate that your tree is a potential hazard.
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