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Tree Services in West Goshen and West Chester, PA

The township of West Goshen has some pretty strict rules regarding tree pruning and tree removal within the area, so if you are a property owner here, it would be in your best interest to hire a tree care company for your needed tree service to sort things out for you!

Our crew of fully licensed, trained professionals here at AC Tree Services provide a range of tree services, including tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and tree maintenance all over Pennsylvania to help keep our trees healthy.

To give you an overview of our West Goshen professional tree services, we have compiled the most important things you should know.

Tree Services Company West Chester, PA and West Goshen, PA

Township Ordinance on Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal and other tree service you might need

Tree Service West Goshen, West Chester, PA

The Township’s Board enacted this for the improvement of the quality of life, as well as the health, safety, and welfare of all residents. This is also to enhance the property values and to make sure the proper planting and taking care of trees on public property is duly observed.

  • Street Trees and Township Tree Care – Section 74A-7 outlines regulations for the removal of diseased or dangerous trees from public streets and rights-of-way, as specified in Section 81-3 of the Township Code.
    With the Shade Advisory Committee (SAC)’s guidance, private property owners are deemed responsible for maintaining street trees on their property.
  • Tree Topping – Section 74A-8 states that it is prohibited for anyone to top any Street Tree or Township Tree, which is defined as the severe cutting back that removes the normal canopy.
    Exceptions may apply for storm-damaged trees, those near utility wires, or topping for fruit or nut production, subject to the reasonable discretion of the SAC.
  • Arborist permit – Section 74A-9 states that the engagement in pruning, treating, or removing Street Trees or Township Trees requires an arborist permit, excluding only the public utility employees and Township workers.

Control of Street Trees and Township Trees – Section 74A-10 explicitly states that the Township of West Goshen has exclusive custody and control of Township Trees and Street Trees within areas where it owns the right-of-way on Township streets.
Without the Township’s approval, it is a violation to injure, break, cut down, or remove any Street Tree or Township Tree. It is also a violation to interfere with the main roots, place fixtures on trees, injure protective devices, or install substances impeding water and air passage to tree roots.
You should note that emergency work is exempted, but this also requires Township approval.

The Tree Pruning Process

The main goal of tree pruning is to improve and retain the tree’s strength and health, and improve its aesthetics.

Tree pruning has various purposes, which also include fruit production stimulation and increasing timber value.

Tree pruning West Goshen
  1. Safety pruning is for removing potential hazards that may affect the tree’s surroundings.
  2. Health pruning is focused on addressing tree diseases and removing insect-infested wood.
  3. Aesthetic pruning, as the name implies, enhances your tree’s natural form.
  • Tree Forms and Natural Pruning
    You must understand that a tree’s natural form is crucial in reducing the need for extensive pruning. The usage of extreme pruning practices, like pollarding and topiary, can alter a tree’s natural form but it will require constant maintenance.
    It is also essential to Emphasize strong structure when pruning young trees. In the meantime, mature tree pruning mostly focuses on maintaining the structure, form, health, and appearance of the tree.
  • Common Pruning Techniques
    • Crown Thinning: The selective removal of branches to allow light penetration and increase airflow.
    • Crown Raising: The removal of the lower branches to provide clearance.

Crown Reduction: Reducing the size of an oversized tree, usually through drop crotch pruning.

Tree removal West Chester PA

Tree Removal

Removing a tree from your West Chester, PA property is often considered when it is afflicted with illness or damage, presenting a challenging undertaking, especially when there is stump grinding involved.

Contact AC Trees Services for a professional assessment of your tree issues here in West Goshen and West Chester, PA, particularly when more than half of the tree is compromised or signs of instability such as leaning, cracks, or missing portions manifest.

Small Tree Removal in West Goshen and West Chester, PA

Although it may seem easy to do some DIY on small tree removal projects without the guidance of expert arborists, you should know that this process still entails a hands-on approach and the use of safety gear, including boots, a hard hat, and goggles, are a must.

Just a pro tip: For trees smaller than 7 inches, a single cut through the trunk is often sufficient. Conversely, larger trees demand a meticulous three-cut strategy to ensure a secure descent.

Small tree removal in Pennsylvania
Tree removal West Goshen

West Goshen, West Chester, PA – Large Tree Removal

The removal of large trees is often a difficult procedure that requires professional tree removal services. Due to the associated risks and large machinery involved, it is better to engage the services of our professional arborists as it is the safest course of action.

The more common method for large tree removal involves systematic section-by-section removal employing careful planning, ropes, and precise chainsaw techniques. Technologically advanced options involve crane-assisted removals, which offer a faster, safer, and less messy alternative.

Post-tree removal

We always recommend salvaging the remnants of your tree, like repurposing logs for firewood or DIY projects and converting branches into mulch.

We can involve the persistent stump by incorporating it into the landscape or you can also opt for a complete stump removal. We use professional machines such as a stump grinder for stump grinding, chemicals, or sometimes manual removal with a shovel.

Whatever your tree needs are, we at AC Tree Services are here to provide the best tree service for plant health care in West Goshen Township, PA! Contact us and schedule an appointment whether for a tree pruning service or tree removal services here in West Goshen, we have you covered.

Together let us preserve the healthy trees all over town.

Stump grinding for complete tree removal West Chester PA
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