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AC Tree Experts Emergency Tree Services

There are a number of incidents that can happen at any given time. Some of which pose a threat that might endanger your family and neighbors. Even the sturdiest of trees can fall under dire circumstances despite constant tree maintenance.

At AC Tree Experts, we have a team of certified arborists that can handle tree emergencies and mitigate potential danger fairly well. Read on for our advice on how to assess your tree’s needs and know what to do if you ever find yourself in the middle of a tree emergency.

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What is an emergency tree service for?

Tree contractors such as ours offer emergency tree service to provide assistance during emergencies. We aim to subdue potential harm and lessen the effects and danger to residents and their properties.

Depending on our assessment, the tree can be simply trimmed or pruned, but in extreme circumstances, an emergency tree removal will be done. Basically, the overall goal of our emergency services is to eliminate the possibility of injuries happening.

What classifies as an “Emergency Tree”

An emergency tree is defined as a tree that has either already sustained damage and is highly likely to fail before the next inspection, as determined by a professional forester, certified arborist, or staff member trained in approved tree risk rating and abatement techniques. The tree, due to its location, has the potential to impact people and properties surrounding it.

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Situations that call for emergency tree removal service

Storm-damaged trees can become downed tree or fallen trees

Sometimes, it is hard to assess whether your tree’s condition requires just a little bit of maintenance or if you have an emergency situation on your hands, a professional needs to step in. Tree emergencies pose an immediate threat to life or property.

Here are possible scenarios which you might find yourself in:

1. Tree Disease
Have your tree checked out at once if you see signs of disease on a tree. These may manifest in the form of rotting trunks or branches, maybe even some discolored leaves here and there. Once confirmed, you should have an emergency tree removal scheduled. This is a high-risk situation as other trees in the area have the potential to be affected.

2. Insect or pest invasion
The usual signs of insect infestation are leaves that are being eaten or holes in the bark. Inspect the tree limbs, as well as the entire tree, for tree damage. Contact us at AC Tree Experts if you see the signs!

3. Damage due to weather-related causes
Lightning strikes and storm damage on trees are a common occurrence. This, combined with heavy rains and high winds from thunderstorms or tornadoes, will leave your trees in utter destruction. Storm-damaged trees require professional evaluation and possibly removal to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

4. Tree on Fire!
Often caused by lightning strikes, being close to power lines, or negligence, a tree can catch fire for many reasons. Burnt and broken branches may cause further damage.
If you see one on fire, it is best to call the fire department first and our professionals at AC Tree Experts for an emergency tree pruning or removal service.

5. If the location is close to electric cables and power lines.
Trees that are close to power lines are safety hazards. Public power lines should have a clear surrounding area to avoid serious damage. Report it immediately to authorities if you see a tree in your area that is close to or has direct contact with a power line.

6. Human folly
Some stubborn people vandalize trees, which causes potential hazards and deals great damage to your property. Damaged trees are high-risk trees. Hazardous trees are meant to be taken down, and our knowledgeable team of skilled arborists is here to help you out.

What to do if you have a tree emergency on your hands

In tree-related emergencies, seek professional assistance from our experienced arborists so we can assess and address potential dangers and property damage posed by these distressed trees.

As a homeowner and responsible citizen, quick and decisive action is necessary to protect the safety of people and property. It is a priority to know the following steps to take in such situations.

1. Stay Calm
The last thing you want to do during an emergency is panic. You must remain calm in order to make better decisions. Proceed to the next step.

2. Call the Professionals
Call emergency services in any case for an immediate service. They will deploy whoever is best suited for the situation. The fire department in case of fire, or an electrical company if power lines and electricity are involved. Do not forget to call emergency tree services as well for good measure, as we have specialized equipment for a tree removal emergency.

Broken branches. Call emergency tree removal services near me for efficient removal of fallen tree

4. Make a safety boundary.
After contacting the tree professionals, make a safety boundary around the tree perimeter. It is now your task to make sure other people are protected in case the tree unexpectedly falls.
It is also important to note that you must not resolve to handle the situation by yourself. Proper training and equipment are required to do this, and attempting to do it yourself is never safe and can end up doing more harm than good.

5. Always abide by the rules.
When emergency services and tree professionals or emergency tree removal service arrive, you must follow all the given instructions. We will assess the situation and take the necessary steps to resolve it as safely and efficiently as we can.

Our Emergency Tree Removal Services

Here at AC Tree Experts, we take our duty seriously to protect our residents and their properties from tree-related incidents. We built a team of certified arborists with high-grade equipment to provide you with quality emergency tree service whenever, wherever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a tree emergency?
A tree emergency includes situations where a tree poses an immediate risk to people, property, or the surrounding environment. This can be caused by factors like storm damage and tree diseases.
Are broken branches already considered a sign of a tree emergency?
Yes, it can. Broken branches can indicate a tree emergency, especially if they compromise the tree’s stability. We recommended a professional evaluation to assess the damage and possibly save the tree.
How can I prevent tree emergencies from happening?
Regularly have your trees inspected and maintained to early address signs of distress and trim branches that can pose potential risks. Proactive tree care can help prevent emergencies before they occur. Contact us at AC Tree Experts for our tree care and maintenance services!
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