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Tackling any type of stump removal can be a headache for homeowners. As trees root their way into the ground, even the remaining stump can present challenges for the most experienced tree remover.

At AC Tree Experts, our professional staff can remove and handle any stubborn stump or tree in your yard, ensuring your stump is out of sight and out of mind. If you’re considering removing a stump, there are a few things to consider:

● How big is the stump? Larger or older stumps with intricate root systems will likely need the help of a professional.
● How quickly do you need it removed? Some DIY methods won’t work if you’re working on a time-constraint project and need the stump quickly removed.
● To what extent do you want the stump removed? If you don’t need the entire underground root system removed, you might be able to suffice with a stump grinder. However, removing the entire stump and root will likely require heavy machinery or several hours of manual labor to free the stump.
● What is your budget? Stump removal doesn’t have to be an expensive process. You can give us a call and we’ll provide a transparent quote for our stump removal services.

Tree stumps in the woods. In the process of stump removal.

If you’re trying to remove a tree stump from your yard, here are five ways to get it done:

Remove the stump by hand

One of the first methods many people use for stump removal is to do it themselves manually. This won’t work for every type of tree, but if you’re hoping to remove the stump yourself, it’s
often a great place to start.

There are pros and cons to this method as well. You could damage your yard or garden by digging it up, and manually removing a stump is also very labor and time intensive. However, you’ll save money doing it yourself.To manually remove a tree, first dig around the perimeter of the stump, working to expose as much of the root system as possible. As you dig, you can start to remove smaller roots with clippers, working on starting to free the stump. You will likely need a hatchet or chainsaw to cut through and remove them entirely for more extensive roots.

Once all of the roots have been removed, you can try and lift the stump out of the ground. If completed successfully, you should fill the hole with dirt or mulch afterward to avoid having a large hole in your yard.

Use chemicals

Another popular but slower method of stump removal is by using chemicals to rot the stump, making it easier to remove. Most of these chemicals use potassium nitrate as the main ingredient. Once applied to the stump, the nitrate will help grow fungi which stops the growth of the roots and will eat away at the stump, weakening it over a period of several weeks.

If you’re looking to utilize this stump removal method, first trim the stump down as close to the ground as possible and then drill holes vertically through the stump. From there, you can fill the stump with water and then add the potassium nitrate or other chemical of your choice. You can then apply a tarp over the stump, locking in the chemicals, so they start to work. Check back in
four to six weeks, and the stump should be weakened enough for easy removal with an axe or chainsaw.

While a simple, low-labor way to get the stump out of your yard, a lot of homeowners are hesitant to use harsh chemicals that could ruin their yard or be harmful to pets. Other home remedies like Epsom salt or rock salt can have a similar effect without using potassium nitrate.

Use fire

If you’re simply looking to remove the top of the stump from your yard cosmetically and don’t particularly care about the underground root system, using fire to remove the stump might be a good fit for you. This involves burning fire in or on top of the stump to burn the exterior, above-ground portion.

To do this, you can drill a hole vertically through the stump or score the top of the stump with a criss-cross pattern. From there, you can pour gasoline into the stump and light it on fire so it begins to decompose and burn down.

There are several precautions people should take, though, before trying this method. If you live in a particularly dry climate or an area prone to wildfires, it’s not recommended you use this stump removal process. Additionally, it can be helpful to check or get approval from your local fire department beforehand to see if the local fire code allows for it.

Use a stump grinder

Often the quickest method for removing a stump is by using a stump grinder. This tool can be rented or bought and helps grind the wood of the stump down till it’s flat along the yard’s surface. These machines are large – often weighing nearly 1,000 pounds – so proper preparation is involved in transporting and using a stump grinder.

If you’ve worked through the logistics and decided to use a stump grinder, you should first use a chainsaw to remove as much of the stump as possible. From there, place the grinder on top of the remaining stump, turn it on, and grind until it’s a few inches below ground.

You can usually rent a stump grinder from your local hardware store, making it a quick and accessible option for many. However, you still won’t remove the entire stump from below the ground using this method.

Call in a professional

If you’re not interested in the DIY stump removal methods, it’s best to call in a professional tree service to help with your stump removal. By hiring a professional like AC Tree Experts to come and remove the stump, you’ll benefit from our heavy-duty machinery and an expert team to get the job done.

As licensed and insured tree experts, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a quote and more information on our stump removal process.

A bunch of tree stumps in the woods ready for stump removal.